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Little Aston Community Association

Twinning Group

Little Aston has been twinned with St. Georges sur Baulche since 1981, as indicated on the signs as you enter the village. St. Georges is situated on the edge of the medieval city of Auxerre in the Burgundy region of France, about 100 miles south-east of Paris. Like Little Aston, it started as a small farming community. It has its own Town Hall, elected Mayor and Council Members. There is a very lively spirit in the community and they have their own large secondary school which takes children from seven villages around St. Georges. In the centre of the village there is a modern social centre with facilities for all ages. The area is famous for Burgundy and Chablis wine. The total distance from Little Aston to St. Georges is about 500 miles - 200 in England and 300 in France.

Twinning Section members and their counterparts in St. Georges visit each other in their own homes in alternate years for 3/4 days. Visits are made to local attractions and there is usually a group dinner with entertainment on one evening. Visits usually take place in April or May and are open to all members of Twinning Section.

We usually travel by coach to St Georges, leaving Little Aston early on a Saturday, and returning home the following Thursday. We usually stop at a hypermarket on the return journey, which is a good opportunity to stock up on wines and French specialities. We are always very well looked after and many friendships have developed over the years. A most enjoyable part of the exchange is living in a French home. It is certainly a good opportunity to visit France and to experience French life and culture. Most of our French counterparts speak some English. Recent trips to France have included wine tasting, visits to chateaux and a trip to Gen. De Gaulle’s house and memorial at Colombey-les-deux-églises.

The French visit to Little Aston is a similar format to our trip to St Georges. We provide them with accommodation and entertain them on the Sunday and each evening. Our French visitors and their hosts take part in whole day trips on Monday to Wednesday and return home on Thursday.

Twinning Section holds fund raising and social events during the year which also give us the opportunity to socialise.

We are always looking for new members to share our love of Twinning. If you are interested in joining or would like further information please contact our secretary by email at twinning@laca-org.com

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